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 Abrasive Wheels  


Course Content: Abrasive Wheels (1 Day)

This course covers the following:


  • What are “Abrasive Wheels”?

  • Complying with the law and regulations – responsible persons

  • RIDDOR, COSHH,  PUWER- Dust, PPE, Hearing, HAVS

  • Identifying and defining danger, hazard and risk

  • The types of wheels/discs and their functions

  • Disc Specifications – Labels and Characteristics

  • Wheel Mounting Procedures/Issues

  • Correct Method of handling and storage

  • Practical Exercises: Identify purpose, type and issue, mount wheels and show knowledge of safety measures.


This is a combination of powerpoint, discussion and interactive learning.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions and lead discussion.

All candidates will be issued with the appropriate questionnaires to assess learning and knowledge, this is a learning aid only and not indicative of pass/fail.

Course content complies with HSE Guidelines in relation to Safe Use of Abrasive Wheels.

Further Training:

Safe Use of Portable Power Tools
Risk Assessment

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